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We build mobile apps

We create an all round experience for your business

Dizu is a Low-code / No-code mobile app development studio that builds high-quality mobile apps, and web applications. We take care of everything from concept to design.

Apps for Every Business

Dizu is not only a simple, fast, and suitable solution for big companies, it is also suitable for SMBs business that require a simple yet useful mobile app.

Easy to use

You want to prevent churn and make people to keep coming back.

Customer Friendly

Easy to use, your clients do not need to be experts to use your apps.

Clever Features

Mobile applications with professional results and powerful features.
No Coding – 100% App Creation

Let’s build great things together

We have the skills and experience to build all kinds of apps. These are the types of apps we build: AI chat bots, suite of apps for one business, suite of apps for a chain of businesses, a single complex app, apps to help small businesses.

Apps that suit your needs

Low code mobile app development, web apps, and no code apps.

Discovery & Strategy

Looking to develop a new business application? We can help with the business side of things.

User Retargeting

App retargeting offers the ability to reach your clients with today’s most powerful branding tool.

Design & Development

Low Code Application Development helps create, customize, and deploy new apps in days, not months.

Performance Marketing

We focus on the acquisition of clients and users instead of just driving clicks to a website.

What we do

We build mobile apps

Dizu offers simple, cloud-based platform development apps, custom web apps, and “no code” wireframe apps. With only a few days, no months, you can build a simmple solution app to suit your needs or launch your MVP, whether you want to develop a social app that allows friends to share photos or a business app for employees to review inventory.

No-Code Overview

No-code apps

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No-code apps

What apps with AI can you build?


No-code app development. Get started with your mobile app today.

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